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Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total Ultimate Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Total is a avant-garde and responsive WordPress theme that combines the adeptness of the WordPress Customizer and the Beheld Artisan page architect to acquiesce you to actualize a website for around anything. The theme was created with abounding altered niches and professions in apperception – corporations, baby business, online stores, lawyers, agencies, marriage planners, hosting companies, non-profits, bloggers and more. We’ve fabricated abiding to cover abundant appearance and settings so that you can actualize appealing abundant any site! Accept a attending at our growing account of demos so you can get a glimpse at what is accessible with the Total exceptional WordPress theme.

The Freelancer’s Dream Theme: If you are a contributor you will abnormally adore application the Total theme. Long gone are the canicule area you would accept to seek for a new theme for anniversary client. Already you get accustomed with Total you’ll wish to use it on all your applicant sites authoritative things easier and faster! You can alpha out by importing one of our admirable online demos and abuse it for your client’s needs or artlessly advance the website from blemish by abacus your page agreeable with the page architect and tweaking your architecture and capital theme settings via the reside WordPress customizer.

Just accept a attending at some of our industry specific homepage examples to get an abstraction of just what affectionate of abracadabra Total is able of. The theme is arranged to the border with abundant appearance like WooCommerce affiliation or Unlimited Portfolios. At a bulk that is beneath than a catchbasin of gas there?s no acumen not to get Total today and alpha architecture your new website!

Unlimited Custom Pages: WordPress page templates are nice…but if you charge to alpha alteration things for your applicant or your own needs you will accept to use code. But not with Total. Use the included Beheld Artisan page architect to actualize altered layouts in no time for anniversary one of your pages and wow your applicant and/or visitors.

Built-in Audience Importer: With the congenital audience importer you can calmly acceptation the content, theme settings, widgets and sliders from any of our reside demos to get started quickly. If testing the audience importer we begin that a lot of demos will acceptation in beneath 1 minute! This agency if you are starting from blemish (empty WordPress site) you will be able to calmly carbon any of our reside audience sites actual bound so you can again abuse it for yourself or your client. If importing a audience you can baddest to acceptation just the Sample Data (with or after the images from the reside site), the Customizer settings, the widgets or the sliders or you can acceptation everything. Importing a reside audience is a abundant way to get a feel for how the theme works or to accord you a arch alpha with the activity if you already like that attending and feel.

Exclusive Beheld Artisan Modules: The Total WP theme includes over 40 altered and absolute Beheld Artisan page architect modules that accomplish ambience up your website even easier! These cover affiliate dots, CSS baton (for card items), activated text, figure boxes, brain-teaser box, account items, appraisement tables, milestones, amusing links, aeronautics bar, seek bar, login form, Mailchimp form, arcade slider, angel slider, angel carousel, contempo news, blog grid, portfolio grid, agents grid, testimonials grid, testimonials slider…and more! Total has aggregate you charge to actualize abundant page layouts for your site.

Live Customizer Settings: With Total we capital to do things the adapted way that’s why we’ve befuddled abroad the old Theme settings console in the WP admin which are commonly harder to plan with, add a lot of added balloon to your website and you can’t even see your edits reside as you adapt them. With Total you can bound acclimatize your theme settings and see them change afore your eyes! This way you can save your theme settings (such as all your website colors) already you are absolutely annoyed with the outcome.

Unlimited Colors & Website Widths: It wouldn’t be fair to accord you a accomplished page architect for creating custom layouts and not acquiesce you to aswell acclimatize your capital theme colors and layout. Via the Customizer you can calmly change the colors of all the capital elements of the website to accord your website a altered attending as able-bodied as you can calmly change the capital website blueprint widths so your website can be at any admeasurement you want. If you wish to accept a actual angular website artlessly acclimatize your settings to accomplish the capital alembic abate (default is 980px) and if you wish a absolutely ample website again acclimatize your settings to accomplish it larger. And don’t anguish you can adapt your widths for assorted awning sizes so your website will cede beautifully on all devices.

Boxed or Full-Width Layouts: The Total WordPress theme allows you to accept amid a full-width or boxed blueprint for your capital website design. If you are searching for a added avant-garde and basal attending accept the absence full-width blueprint with a white accomplishments or if you wish to accept appealing backgrounds abaft your capital agreeable (a added archetypal blog/magazine look) again baddest the boxed layout. You can appearance examples of both styles in our reside demos (link above).

Header Styles & Attack Builder: The Total WordPress theme wouldn’t be complete after the adeptness to accept amid altered attack styles. You can accept to accept a larboard logo with a adapted ancillary menu, a card beneath your logo, a centered card beneath the logo, a card aloft your logo or a aftereffect style. Plus via the Customizer you can calmly adapt assorted settings for your attack such as the custom logo, card colors, logo and card typography, top bar agreeable and amusing icons, accept amid altered adaptable card styles for the theme and abundant more. And for actual simple headers or added avant-garde headers artlessly go to the Attack Architect area you can baddest a accepted page that you accept congenital application the Beheld Artisan page architect as your attack – wow, awesome! (the theme aswell includes a footer architect function).

Fluid/Responsive Design: With so abounding humans application adaptable accessories these canicule it’s acute that your website looks acceptable and runs calmly on adaptable devices. The Total theme is by absence a aqueous blueprint so as you compress the viewport (browser size) the theme will acclimatize so all your agreeable charcoal arresting and beautiful. Plus we’ve fabricated abiding to cover all-important checks in the javascript so that accidental functions aren’t active on adaptable accessories befitting your website we’ll optimized. While alive in the reside page architect and WordPress Customizer you can aswell bang little accessory icons to calmly see what your website will attending like at those awning sizes – cool!

Custom Column Types UI Abounding Support: The Total WordPress theme aswell includes abounding abutment for the accepted Custom Column Types UI Plugin for abacus new column types to your site. If you add a new column blazon you will acquisition custom settings specific to the Total theme for allotment your annal blueprint columns (1,2,3,4,5), you can add a custom aftereffect specific for this type, accredit the avant-garde page settings metabox, baddest the elements that affectation on the entries (featured image, title, meta, content, readmore), baddest the items that affectation on the page (featured image/video, title, meta, content, comments, amusing share) and more!

Don’t Charge it? Disable it!: Worried about purchasing addition aggrandized theme? With Total, there?s annihilation to anguish about! We?ve coded our theme to be simple to use and manage. Administer your theme appearance with the bang of a button in the Theme Panel. So what absolutely can you administer from here? You can administer your beneath architecture page, recommended plugins notice, javascript minification, custom CSS, custom animations, Favicons, Attack Builder, Footer Builder, Total custom VC modules, custom column types (portfolio, staff, testimonials), column series, custom login page, custom 404 page, the customizer manager, custom WordPress gallery, custom accoutrement areas, class thumbnails, custom editor formats, custom angel cropping, admin import/export panel…etc. In added words all the able appearance included in the theme can be enabled or disabled so you don’t accept to bulk annihilation you don’t charge for your site.

3rd Affair Compatibility: The Total exceptional theme has been activated with bags of accepted 3rd affair plugins and even includes custom cipher as bare for abounding compatibility. Some of these plugins include, but aren’t bound to: bbPress (forums), WooCommerce (online store), WordPress SEO by Yoast, The Events Calendar (also accepted as Tribe Events), WPML, TranslatePress, Polylang, JetPack, Slider Revolution (included free), LayerSlider (included free), Beheld Artisan (included Free)…and abounding more!

Developer Friendly: Total is a actual solid framework congenital from blemish from the arena up. Aggregate that has been added serves its purpose and can aswell be calmly manipulated if capital via theme hooks and/or filters. So abounding exceptional WordPress capacity are coded in a way that makes it actual difficult for developers to absolutely adapt their theme via custom code. While you can actualize an alarming website with the Total theme after anytime affecting any cipher some humans absolutely like accepting the adeptness to accomplish avant-garde modifications and the Total theme was coded with that in mind. You can use theme hooks to add or abolish locations of the theme, use filters to acclimatize absence theme functions or even extend the included custom congenital metabox functionality (add your own custom fields). We accept over 250 online snippets that you can use as a base for avant-garde modifications. As barter ask us for specific tasks we generally times advice them by drafting sample snippets and again we column them online for others to find. We accept aswell congenital abounding extensions (plugins) for Total theme barter as users appeal functionality that is best kept alfresco the theme core.

SEO Ready: The Total theme has been coded with SEO in mind. To start, this exceptional theme is able-bodied optimized to run bound on a acceptable server (we’ve apparent loading times as low as 0.2 seconds). The theme runs on symantic and accurate HTML5 code. It has congenital accomplishing out of the box. And of advance it absolutely supports the actual accepted WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. So bureaucracy your website and alpha baronial today!

More Appearance Than You Could Anticipate Of: We?ve approved to cover a lot of appearance to accomplish Total the a lot of adjustable exceptional WordPress theme on the bazaar (and abounding of our barter will accede that it is). We artlessly couldn’t allocution about all of these appearance actuality on the theme page, so be abiding to analysis out our landing page that absolutely explains all the assorted theme appearance and architect modules accessible in the theme. Oh…and accumulate a anchor admitting – we?ll be abacus in even added advantageous features, functions, architect modules and optimizations as you (the customer) requests them.

Total WordPress Theme Showcase: If you don’t anticipate our reside demos absolutely advertise what the Total theme is able of, again accept a attending at our account of over 40 alarming websites application the Total theme. Yours or your client’s website could be on this account too! After you accept purchased the arrangement and created your alarming website be abiding to allotment it with us and if accounted adapted we could add you to the account

Real Chump Reviews

People artlessly adulation the Total WordPress theme. Don’t accept us? Accept a attending at some of the reviews larboard by our barter so you can see for yourself.

I accept bought a lot of wordpress capacity so far. Total is the alone one I bulk 5 star! (and yes, bigger than those aggrandized capacity like Avada or X-Theme) I was abnormally searching for a theme which is not abounding up with those asinine beautiful furnishings which are authoritative the website slower and unstable. Total gave me absolutely what I wish still not accident any customizability. It is nice that you can about-face on/off the appearance you’d like to use or not. And I like those beheld artisan added elements. Congrats to the author. There is a harder plan behind. I appreciate. Just accord this a try. You will like it.

After accepting approved out many, abounding themes. This is the smartest theme I accept formed with so far. I’m absorbed and I’m exited to apparent what the approaching of Total holds.

WPExplorer’s Total is above to any theme I’ve begin to date. The versatility and abutment accept my loyalty. AJ knows his stuff.

Finally! A multi-purpose theme that is both convenient AND developer-friendly. I’ve acclimated some abundant theme frameworks, but they’re usually targeted against developers, not clients. I’ve aswell acclimated all the top-selling multi-purpose capacity from ThemeForest, and they’re targeted against clients, but are a affliction (or impossible) to adapt via adolescent themes. Total WordPress Theme is proving to accord me the best of both worlds. The affidavit and abutment is actual good, too! Oh, and I can’t accomplishment after advertence the curtailment of the theme. It endless faster than any added theme I’ve used. And, commutual with a few of the best performance-enhancing plugins (WP Cool Cache, Autoptimize, and Abolish concern strings from changeless resources), it’s unbeatable. Thank you, AJ and WPExplorer team. Total will be my new go-to theme for all my clients.

It’s one of the best wordpress capacity That you can buy on themeforest, and on the World Wide Web, you accept hundreds of options to accomplish it the way you want! It’s simple to change color’s or to add icons. Cipher and architecture quality! Accumulate up the acceptable work!

Easily the best theme I accept anytime purchased and used. Extremely customisable and convenient and the chump abutment has been excellent.

This is one of the greatest WordPress capacity of ALL TIME. And, solid abutment too. Worth advance time in, and just a amusement to use. Well-thought-out design.

awesome theme – affection rich, stable, able-bodied documented, alert abutment – i’ve approved a few and this one is afar ahead. if you accept any architecture sense, you can do some amazing things. but if you don’t accept any architecture sense, you can still do some amazing things. it’s that acceptable !

Me alegra haber comprado este tema. No sé aught de programación, pero este tema es tan adjustable y sencillo que pude diseñar mi página como si fuera programador. Además, frente a las dudas, el soporte técnico me ha respondido a la brevedad. Entre comprar temas hechos y uno que te permite crear tus propios temas, los beneficios son inlimitados. Nuevamente muchas gracias!!

This theme is absolutely assorted with the bulk of layouts available. Aside from the absurd features, the documentation, the examples of the altered layouts and the chump abutment is what absolutely makes this theme a acceptable one to install. Anniversary time I’ve contacted the developer of this theme, not alone do I get a cool fast response, I aswell apprentice a little added about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and now I can even dabble (careful) with PHP. You don’t charge to be abstruse at all to use this theme, however, if you’re absorbed in how to accomplish your website claimed to your appearance and taste, you can’t go amiss with

Support & Updates

The Total WordPress theme and all our added capacity cover exceptional abutment and updates by the theme developer (AJ Clarke) as able-bodied as the WPExplorer abutment staff. Total is one of the few top affairs capacity that in fact includes absolute abutment from the developer! Abutment includes the following:

  • Answering abstruse questions about item?s features
  • Assistance with appear bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd affair assets
  • Availability of the columnist to acknowledgment questions

Theme Affection List

  • Custom Attack Video Support
  • Full-Width Layout
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Angel Agriculture For Blog, Portfolio, Staff, Testimonials, WooCommerce Products, and
  • Custom WP Gallery
  • Google Chantry Options (Select Font, Weight, Admeasurement & Color)
  • Great Abutment Via Columnist Page
  • 3 Attack Styles
  • Add Icons To Menus
  • Custom iPhone & iPad Figure Uploads
  • Unlimited Color Options For Links, Theme Buttons, Attack Backgrounds, Menus, Navigation, Drop downs, Sidebars, and Footers
  • Blog Options: Custom URL, Ample Angel Entries, Thumbnail Angel Entries, Filigree Layout, Masonry Filigree Layout, Aftereffect Location, Singe Column Layout, Pagination Option, Next/Previous Option, Infinite Scroll Option, Exclude Categories From Capital Blog Arrangement Option, Columnist Avatar Support
  • WooSidebars Unlimited Custom Sidebars Supported
  • Masonry Blog, Portfolio, Agents and Testimonial Pages
  • Select Specific Aeronautics Menus Per Page
  • Slider Revolution Exceptional WordPress Slider Plugin Included
  • Optional Fixed Header
  • Contact Anatomy 7 Supported
  • Custom Logo Margin Options
  • Custom Alembic Width Options
  • Custom Blog Column Alternation Option
  • Custom Attack Padding Options
  • Symple Mega Menu
  • Custom Backgrounds (Boxed Layout)
  • Visual Artisan Drag & Drop Page Architect Plugin Included for FREE!
  • Custom Aftereffect Width Option
  • Page Ambience Options To Disable Title, Disable Header, Baddest A Blueprint And Add A Slider On A Per Page Basis
  • TranslatePress Compatible
  • Option To Baddest Aftereffect Location On A Per Post/Page Basis
  • Custom Black & White Filter Option
  • WooCommerce Compatability
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Built-in Amusing Administration For Posts (Blog, Pages, Portfolio, WooCommerce)
  • Option To Set Absence Page Layout
  • Filterable Blog, Portfolio, Agents and Testimonial Pages
  • Awesome exceptional Bundled Plugins
  • Responsiveness Toggle
  • Local Scroll Option (Create A Single Page Website!)
  • Built application WordPress PHP best coding practices & standards and CSS congenital with SASS (sass files are inclided if needed/wanted)
  • Custom Parallax Angel Row Backgrounds
  • Custom Theme Rebranding Option
  • Custom Column Types: Portfolio, Agents and Testimonials
  • Custom Column Formats For Images, Galleries, Quotes, Audio and Video
  • Modern Design
  • 1-4 Column Portfolio, Agents and Testimonial Page Blueprint Options
  • WooCommerce Options: Optional Card Figure In Menu, Custom WooCommerce Sidebar, Shop Aftereffect Location, Column Count, Product Page Layouts, Related Items Count & Columns, and Custom Sale Color
  • Retina Angel Support
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • Layer Slider Exceptional WordPress Slider Plugin Included
  • And SOO abundant more! Appearance all features
  • Responsive Theme
  • Custom Responsive Width Option
  • Optional Back To Top Button
  • Page Appellation Subheading Options
  • Auto-Updates for The Theme & Beheld Artisan Extension
  • Custom Copyright Text
  • Custom Beheld Artisan Extension: 40+ Added Modules and Options For Even Bigger Page Layouts
  • Clean & Accurate Code
  • Portfolio, Agents and Testimonials Custom Column Blazon Options: custom URL, Related Items, Detailed Entries, Custom Sidebar, Column Count, Aftereffect Location, Singe Column Layout, Custom Column Blazon Dashboard Figure Upload, and more
  • Boxed Layout
  • Google Analytics Field
  • Unlimited Blog, Portfolio, Agents and Testimonial Pages
  • Custom Page Appellation Styles: Default, Centered, Centered Minimal, Image
  • SEO optimized
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom Blog Page Template
  • WPML Certified –
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Footer Callout
  • Optional Attack Overlay Navigation
  • Footer Widgets 1-4 Columns
  • Optional Attack Search
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast Supported
  • Full-width Post/Page Layouts
  • SEO Options For Aftereffect Headings, Footer Headings, Breadcrumbs, Version Parameters and Cleanup WP Head
  • Styled Custom CSS Field
  • Free Theme Updates
  • Left, Adapted and No Aftereffect Post/Page Layouts
  • Custom Row chantry colors (
  • Option To Baddest Blueprint On A Per Page Basis

Included Translations: Thanks to assorted barter administration their translated .PO files Total includes assorted translated .po/.mo files that can accomplish things easier if application the website in your language. Not all the files are 100% complete – so while some accommodate a abounding adaptation others accommodate at atomic a mostly complete adaptation or adaptation of the key strings.

  • Turkish – tr_RT
  • Russian – ru_RU
  • Arabic – ar_SA
  • Dutch (Netherlands) – nl_NL
  • Italian – it_IT
  • French – fr_FR
  • Español – es_ES
  • German – de_DE
  • Swedish – sv_SE

Sample Demos: Base, Samus, Nouveau, Agent, Corporate, Dezignr, Cafe, Mason, Avant-garde Agency, Paris, TinyFolio, eBook, SEO, James, Boxed Folio, Cleaner, Graphix, Landscaping, Sustainable, vBlogger, Classy, Construct, Freelancer, Simple Spaces, Lefty, Healthcare, Appy, Blog Nom, Beneath Architecture 1, Zoo, Flat, Law Firm, Married, Awareness, Flossy, Paddy’s, Cinco….Many added to come! Appearance all reside demos here.

Image Credits Notice: All of the images acclimated on our demos are included with the audience acceptation so you will accept them if importing any specific demo. However, all images accept been taken from 3rd affair sites with their permission or based on their licensing terms. These banal photos can all be begin on the afterward websites. If you accept any doubts about the use of these images for your website, amuse see the licensing agreement on anniversary corresponding website or acquaintance them directly.

  • Morgue File
  • Stockvault
  • Mikael Gustafsson
  • Pixeden
  • Logo Instant
  • Pixabay
  • Steve Wolf Design
  • Unsplash
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