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Up and Running in WordPress Development: Core Package

Get a Solid Foundation in WordPress Development

Up and Running makes acquirements WordPress development clear, logical, and quick. Through our bright e-book, diagrams, video tutorials, and interviews, you’ll apprentice WordPress acutely while extenuative dozens of hours of confusion.

WordPress development learners about can’t acquisition bright answers to simple questions. Why? Because abounding accepted means of acquirements WordPress – blog articles, browsing the Codex, and so on – are congenital on airy pillars of affected knowledge: things about WordPress that developers “just know”, and that non-developers don’t.

The Up and Running Amount amalgamation includes:

  • A 260-page e-book that covers the a lot of important capacity in WordPress development.
  • Two screencast series: Crash Course on WordPress and The Fifteen-Minute Guides to WordPress’s Four Key Abstruse Languages.
  • Six beheld assets mapping out key relationships in the WordPress environment.

Master the key credibility of WordPress development!

Choose a Package

We action Up and Running in three tiers, depending on the abyss of WordPress acquirements you need.

  • Up and Running in WordPress Development: Amount Package
  • Up and Running in WordPress Development: Deluxe Package
  • Up and Running in WordPress Development: Premium Package

You Charge a Concise, Approachable Guide

Books and online writing tend to veer broadly into things you don’t charge to know. We don’t do tangents. We explain the basics and bolts of WordPress in brittle language, affected infographics, and able video tutorials.

We alpha from amount principles, and advanced into specific practices. At every step, we accept quizzes to analysis your knowledge, and blunt affiliate summaries so you can see your ability of key points.

So Up and Running is both absolute and searchable. Whether you charge accepted concepts, specific practices, or both, it’s all there, simple to acquisition and with 0% fat.

No Matter Your Acquirements Style

Sometimes accounting actual is the best way to apprentice WordPress. Sometimes you absolutely ambition you could attending at a diagram. Sometimes you just charge to watch anyone do it for a few minutes.

In Up and Running, it’s all there. Our chapters, infographics, video tutorials, and able interviews appear calm to accord you a holistic compassionate of WordPress development: one you can see, hear, and do yourself.

You Can Apprentice WordPress Development!

We’ve gone through an all-embracing and anxious effort, which complex talking to humans who wish to apprentice WordPress, are acquirements WordPress, or are already experts. We’re assured we’ve done a actual absolute job of arrest the places that a lot of WordPress learners get tripped up, frustrated, and about just angry about in an annoying way.

If you’re absolutely committed to learning, we’re assured that we’ve congenital the best accessible ability to get you “Up and Running” in WordPress development. We go absolutely into the abstruse details, but we accomplish abiding you’ve got a solid base of automatic compassionate beforehand.

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