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Rey – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce Theme

Rey – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce Theme

Rey – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Rey is a able-bodied crafted WordPress theme, with lots of features, a attractive architecture and a bedrock solid basement to accommodate a foundation for your accessible projects. While it was mainly anticipation as an ecommerce committed theme, this is just a atom of its powers. So you can cautiously use it for appealing abundant any blazon of website.

I’m committed alone to this theme and i wish to continuously amend it with features, improvements, fixes and new amazing designs.

Feel chargeless to ability me if you accept affection requests. I accept a huge account of appearance to do and your requests will advice me accent them better.

Why Rey vs. Other themes

Summed up i’d say – A modern, adjustable & failing theme with lots of features.

Usually appearance & adaptability is the adverse of lightweight, and it basically bloats the theme, but that’s not the case for Rey. Because of its modularity, things are loaded on demand, the accepted assumption getting – alone amount what’s in use.

With account to other’s work, abounding are aggrandized aged capacity and they’re acceptable unmaintainable due to their coiled up foundation. Again, not the case for Rey. Its basement will consistently accent modularity, authoritative it a abiding foundation for accepted and approaching projects.

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