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KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


KALLYAS – The #1 Selling A lot of Agreeable and Creative Multipurpose WordPress theme, responsive, lightweight, annoyance & bead beheld page builders & no coding required.

Professionals use Kallyas as a one page website photography arcade accumulated auberge leisure spa automated architectonics architecture artist advocate law biking booking avant-garde academy apprenticeship university lms kids exercise gym activity agenda accident adorableness affairs landing adaptable job exchange music app artefact bold best admin adornment aliment restaurant apple-pie web architecture dentist auto watch abundance advertisement hair salon beautician technology business carriage car rental banker acumen RTL Parallax Revolution slider pizza automotive bi-weekly associates advancing anon shopify alms acme motivational apostle keynote apprenticeship drillmaster coach trainer therapist training theater.

With over 17,000 annoyed customers, the applications for Kallyas are about endless. With our cool simple to use annoyance and bead page architect (Visual Builder), developed appropriate out of the box (no plugins required) you can body about any page imaginable. It?s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Really!

1. Annoyance and Bead your element
2. Adapt your aspect (image, video, whatever!)
3. Baddest your settings, Save & Close.

Huzzah! Instantly admirable pages on the fly. No coding required. We promise.

Not alone that, but we accept included over 100 pre-built elements to clothing any appliance – and with a able Reside Seek affection congenital in too, there won?t be any ashen time averseness about searching for these elements either.

Our able workflow accoutrement abolish the charge for added Photoshop designers with the adeptness to architecture on the go, afterwards the charge for any coding, and every aspect is reusable.

Save your absolute page as one architecture arrangement and reclaim it over and over for seamless, admirable pages every time.

As a Kallyas chump you will accept abounding admission to our Video Documentation database, our absolute barter LOVE this account authoritative it simple to acquisition abundant video descriptions for all elements of architecture websites with Kallyas.

You can accept us if we say that Kallyas absolutely is a Gigantic WordPress Toolbox for architecture admirable websites.

Creating a website is easier than ever. All this with our custom
built page architect and Kallyas, which is congenital about it.

It can accomplish your plan abundant added agreeable and aswell time-saving!

Currently we?re apartment 12 altered accumulated homepages for lots of altered purposes. A part of them, we aswell adapted the archetypal homepages which were crazy attractive and useful.

Bear with us as we’re traveling to continuously add added homepages and custom pages. Any acknowledgment is added than welcome, so if you accept suggestions, amuse do allotment them!

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Kallyas is attainable as an eCommerce platform, accepting congenital styles for WooCommerce plugin, which at this moment empoweres ~30% of the apple online stores!!

Currently central Kallyas, we added 3 altered abundance landing pages and active the all-embracing feel and layout, but we?re planning to continuously absolution new niched demos and absolutely new styles.

– Periodically try bottomward a visit, you?re added than welcome!

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There?s a huge array of top page sliders, slideshows and hero scenes. Anniversary one is added admirable than the other.

They absolutely attending absurd and we acclaim browsing anniversary one, while adequate a tea or a coffee

Browse Sliders and Hero Scenes


Kallyas can be acclimated aswell as a claimed trainer website.

Make your website as altered as possible, with about amaranthine combinations. It?s about like advantageous gaming!

Safely amend your WordPress instance as we’re one footfall advanced to ensure Kallyas is active bland with the latest WordPress releases.
Kallyas has its amount based on the sleek, intuitive, and able front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
You be the creative, while we’re traveling to ensure a able basement for your website, all reside in the frontend of your website. Architecture a website has never been so simple and comfortable.


Web is evolving and carriageable accessories are the fastest growing bazaar of the endure decade. So, from smartphones to tablets and desktop computers, your website will be attainable and appropriately optimised for your user’s best visiting experience.

Unlike added WordPress frameworks and page builders, Kallyas is accomplishing its best to amount alone the all-important assets that you page needs. This will accomplish your website cool fast.

Don’t let your website be active in the added actor results. Kallyas has an accomplished SEO infrastructure, it’s awful customisable for even bigger SEO administration and it works flawlessly with the accepted Yoast SEO plugin.

Kallyas is attainable to be translated in any accent possible. We payed accomplished absorption to cipher detailes and larboard allowance for a abundant affiliation with WPML.

Translation ready? Check! RTL / Arabic accent ready? Check!You can calmly construe any Kallyas congenital argument cord with WordPress plugins or even a desktop app.

Build the absolute altered pages and “above the fold” visuals with able and able customisable tools. Images? Done! Videos? Done! Beheld effects? Done!

Add a blow of personality with a appropriate flavour. Colors can be calmly afflicted predominantly but aswell accurately breadth you want.

WooCommerce is currently the a lot of accepted online arcade belvedere and Kallyas is acerb chip with it including its glassy and attractive congenital styles. So, while Kallyas handles the visuals, WooCommerce, with it’s astronomic plugin library, will awning about any absolute eCommerce functionality.

With just one bang only, you can carbon any of our accessible demos and enhance the development process.

Spoile and acreage your visitors on custom-uniquely accumulated homepages, advised to advertise your business’s best of itself. There are literally, amaranthine possibilities.

Stay in blow and consistently bear the best agreeable to your loyal visitors with MailChimp, the a lot of able commitment platform/software available.

Among abounding reasons, what makes Kallyas so appropriate is the ample amount of congenital appearance and integrations, forth exceptional able plugins.

With over 12 already congenital homepage designs, this is just a glimpse of the absolute adeptness and abeyant of Kallays theme’s appearance and amount page builder.

We accept that the “above the fold” breadth of your homepage or abutting pages should be spectacular! That’s why we accept included tens of congenital solutions and choices, a part of exceptional accountant slider plugins.

Again, we adulation “above the fold” areas! They should be amazing and they should be as actionable as attainable to catechumen any abeyant aggregation to a loyal chump or subscriber.

A astute banker said “Before accomplishing what your aggregation does, first, you accept to be a media company”. Agreeable business is the accepted “thing” and should be advised as such. Blog about the latest account and updates of your company, simple belief belief or absorbing agreeable for your visitors and subscribers.

Your projects deserves the best showcase. Kallyas includes several awful customisable portfolio layouts for your business’s projects, so that your website visitors will in actuality see the amazing plan you’re doing.

With Kallyas’s “pricing tables” aspect you can calmly advertise your casework with their specific prices and features, on the fly, with personality and customisability options.

With Kallyas’s “pricing tables” aspect you can calmly advertise your casework with their specific prices and features, on the fly, with personality and customisability options.

What’s a anniversary afterwards its magic?! Excite your visitors and band with them, with custom advised subheaders that’ll absolutely add some smiles.

Revolution Slider is The a lot of Powerfull slider in the World! With a Beheld Slider Architecture Approach you can body and breathing your sliders faster than ever.

Email is still the baron of online advice and with Kallyas’s congenital Acquaintance anatomy builder, your abeyant barter can adeptness you calmly and faster than ever. Surveys? Sure! Modal forms? Easy! Just a few clicks and your forms are attainable for accepting submitted.

Built-in Modal window arrangement with auto triggering & assorted window types (iframe, inline content).

Kallyas theme, at its core, has a compliant, avant-garde and approaching affidavit HTML5 markup and CSS3 styling.

PSD FILES INCLUDED (for capital admirers only)
Want to get a bit apish first? Just download the project’s antecedent PSD and alpha designing. Added PSD’s are coming, so break tuned!

Add an added faculty of concern while still getting affiliated with your audience. All by artlessly ambuscade your absolute website’s agreeable until your development activity is accomplished and barrage with whistles and bells.

Connect humans and alpha creating communities with these able WordPress accoutrement that are seamlessly chip into Kallyas theme.

Kallyas has the best figure affiliation on the market. Artlessly upload your web chantry .zip from Fontello , Chantry Alarming or any added font-icon architect and you are attainable to go in seconds.

With Kallyas theme you should never anguish about browser accessibility issues, as in any scenario, the website will attending and behave identic

One page + parallax
Kallyas offers you the adeptness to actualize alarming One Page websites with stuning 3D Parallax effects.

Want our compound for speed? Kallyas theme + WP Cool Accumulation & Autoptimize plugins will accomplish your website afire fast and will account the accomplished grades.


Each Kallyas affection is backed out with a video.

Whether you?re an able or a beginner, our Abutment Team will do its best to accommodate the best attainable and accessible acknowledgment for the issues that you?re having.

And many, abounding added !!

We could go on for days, but the actuality is – artlessly put – Kallyas combines both adeptness and acceptable looks. Toghether they accomplish a abundant product.

Try to appointment the admirers and get convinced!


Please remember, abutment is accustomed through our Abutment Dashboard.

Full account of Features:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Translation ready
  • Huge array of sliders (also exceptional accountant ones):
    • iOS Slider
    • Fixed Sliders
      • Style 1 (Simple Slider)
      • Style 3 (Wow Slider)
      • Shop Sliders (based on Revolution Slider)
      • Bootstrap 3 Framework
      • Unlimited Homepage variations
      • SEO Ready
      • Lots of altered Kallyas premium appearance and plugins
      • One-Click Abstracts Install
      • WordPress 4.6+ compatible
      • DummyData Included
      • Creative Slider (based on Revolution Slider)
      • Style 2 (Nivo Slider)
      • Functional NEWSLETTER – MailChimp affiliation and adaptation
      • Smart Loader
      • Responsive layout
      • Unlimited Sub-Headers
      • Unlimited Colors
      • WPML Ready
      • Amazing frontend LIVE Page Builder absolute over 100 elements
    • 3D Cute Slider
    • Fancy Slider
    • Circular Agreeable & Annular Annal carousels
    • Static Agreeable / Hero Scenes (huge variety)
    • Portfolio Slider Frames
    • Laptop Slider, assorted styles
    • iCarousel
    • CSS3 Panels
  • 3 Portfolio Layouts
    • Carousels Layout
    • Sortable Layout
    • Category Layout
  • Custom pages designs:
    • Contact us
    • Historic / Timeline
    • Portfolio Item
    • Product page
    • Blog Item
    • Offline / Advancing soon
    • Testimonials
    • FAQ
    • Careers
    • Team
    • Services
    • Process
  • Pricing tables
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bonus – Anniversary page headers
  • Animated Header
  • Dynamic PHP Acquaintance form
  • Built-in Modal window arrangement with auto triggering & assorted window types (iframe, inline content)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Ready
  • PSD Files included (for capital admirers only)
  • Great amusing media support!
  • Lots of Congenital in styles
  • Good Documentation
  • & abounding others!!



The majority of the images in our demos are banal images from assorted sources, and they’re not included with the purchase.

Update History – Abounding changelog

Note: Afterwards updating, amuse clear the browser’s accumulation or harder reload the page ( for Win Ctrl+F5 or CMD+Shift+R on Macs), or artlessly try accessing the page with addition browser that hasn’t yet buried the website.

UPDATE 4.17.1 / 27 March 2019

Improved Breadcrumbs markup for SEOImproved affectation of Annular agreeable appearance 1Improved portfolio annal items affectation on seek pageImproved generated cssImproved affinity with GutenbergFixed Facebook allotment buttons not actualization in assertive conditions

UPDATE 4.17.0 / 04 February 2019

Fixed WooCommerce appearance aboriginal arcade angel on hover advantage not alive in assertive conditionsAdded adeptness to use a YouTube video playlist for video accompanying elementsAdded advantage to accept if you wish to bottle the tabs accompaniment aloft page refreshFixed Card Appearance 13 affectation bug in acknowledging devicesUpdated Acclimate box aspect to use Accessible Acclimate Map instead of Yahoo Acclimate which was retiredAdded reCaptcha to Argument and Register pagebuilder elementTweaked blog annal affectation for RTLFixed pagebuilder aspect css accumulation not auspicious in assertive conditionsFixed JavaScript absurdity apparent in animate if the TinyMCE plugin is disabled by user

UPDATE 4.16.9 / 16 January 2019

Added Linkeding allotment buttons to blog postsAdded pagination for individual postsAdded branch advantage for the appellation elementAdded advantage to add a placeholder argument for the baddest ascribe for acquaintance anatomy elementImproved affinity with Yoast SEO pluginImproved affinity with some aggregate hostingsImproved GDPR compatibilityFixed assorted acknowledging issuesFixed Youtube bend advantage not alive in assertive conditionsUnder the awning cipher optimization

UPDATE 4.16.8 / 14 November 2018

Resolved Cooming anon admirers adverse not assuming backgroundFixed Filigree figure boxes aspect doesn\'t amend the figure admeasurement in assertive conditionsImproved Theme addons updates behaviour

UPDATE 4.16.7 / 17 October 2018

Fixed cavalcade adapt awning not alive on 2 columns

UPDATE 4.16.6 / 17 October 2018

Fixed acquaintance anatomy bulletin shows slashes

UPDATE 4.16.5 / 17 October 2018

Added accomplishments angel advantage to columnsAdded advantage to appearance tabs on hover instead of clickDisabled hyperlink on ally logo if no URL is setFixed WOW slider not alive in assertive conditionsFixed inline editor images not alive in assertive conditionsImproved Admirers abstracts accession process

UPDATE 4.16.4 / 11 September 2018

- Added adeptness to baddest what cavalcade blazon to appearance posts from in the Annal element- Added aftereffect options for all cavalcade types- Added advantage to accept how the images get resized- Added accomplishments angel options for Filigree figure boxes element- Added advantage for  brand clusters to affectation a ample amount of markers on a map- Added Custom page blueprint now works on boutique pages- Improved acquaintance anatomy element- Anchored Google maps aspect not alive on abounding screen- Anchored consign individual aspect not alive in assertive conditions- Anchored Youtube API shows an absurdity in developer animate in assertive conditions

UPDATE 4.16.3 / 08 August 2018

- Tweak: Optimized Google Fonts and custom fonts scripts loading- Improved affinity with latest adaptation of Revolution Slider- Tweak: Mailchimp scripts will alone be loaded if Mailchimp functionality is in use

UPDATE 4.16.2 / 31 July 2018

- Improved affinity with latest adaptation of WooCommerce plugin

UPDATE 4.16.1 / 31 July 2018

- Added advantage to accumulate the modal cookie for 1 year- Added adeptness to accessible modal windows from capital menu- Added advantage to appearance animadversion breadth central the cavalcade agreeable element- Added advantage to acquiesce accomplishments videos on adaptable accessories ( Kallyas options > Advanced options )- Improved affinity with Yoast SEO plugin- Tweaked tabs behavior. You can now add tabs central added tabs- Accepted beneath the awning improvements- Updated WPML config- Anchored Internet charlatan 11 affectation issues if application cavalcade aspect in assertive configuration- Anchored Mailchimp subscribe not alive on acquaintance anatomy in assertive configuration- Anchored artefact angel appears alert if application the afresh beheld articles widget- Anchored aftereffect position not alive appropriately if alteration the position from page options

UPDATE 4.16.0 / 26 June 2018

- Added: New attack appearance (style17)- Added: Bootstrap pull/push options for columns- Added: Hover blush advantage for Account aspect texts- Added: Vertical arrows account for acute slider element- Added: Modal functionality for acute slider angel gallery- Added: Advantage to hotlink the css3 console image- Added: Advantage to baddest how abounding thumbs to affectation in Photo Arcade element- Added: Acute slider icon- Improved: Custom arrangement aspect optimisations- Improved: WooCommerce barrow page acknowledging design- Improved: Added affinity with associates plugin- Improved: Parallax aftereffect system- Improved: Page architect accumulation system- Improved: Affinity with Polylang plugin- Improved: Inline argument editor panels behaviour- Fixed: Google maps not alive appropriately in assertive conditions- Fixed: Advancing anon page not assuming corectly- Fixed: Abnormal argument actualization on WooCommerce annal page in assertive conditions- Fixed: Card hover blush not alive in assertive conditions- Fixed: Acclimate aspect assuming abnormal acclimate altitude icons- Fixed: Tabs not alive if the acute breadth absolute it is places as mega card item- Fixed: Google maps zoom not alive on adaptable devices- Fixed: Internet charlatan problems with centered columns content- Fixed: Page architect accumulation not auspicious on countersign adequate pages- Fixed: Accomplishments video not abounding amplitude on Edge browser- Fixed: Absence chantry cannot be deleted

UPDATE 4.15.17 / 30 May 2018

- Fixed: Anchored pagebuilder not alive in assertive activity while application WordPress v4.9.6

UPDATE 4.15.16 / 18 May 2018

- Added: Advantage to accept the adapted cavalcade amplitude for boutique individual page- Added: Bifold opt in advantage for mailchimp- Added: GDPR accord boxes options for user allotment and newsletter signup- Tweak: Improved Yoast plugin affinity ( Yoast can now see all your agreeable fabricated with the pagebuilder if artful keywords )- Tweak: Bland annal aspect position tweaks- Tweak: Video backgrounds not alive on latest adaptation of Chrome and Safari- Fixed: Abnormal aftereffect position on barrow page- Fixed: Newsletter accoutrement assuming Absurdity in assertive conditions- Fixed: Some widgets cannot be edited in assertive conditions- Fixed: Inline argument editor not closing central acute sliders

UPDATE 4.15.15 / 23 April 2018

- Added rel=\"noopener\" to alien links- Anchored page options not extenuative in assertive conditions- Anchored Mailchimp functionality doesn\'t retrieve lists in assertive conditions- Improved WooCommerce compatibility- Improved Hidden console in attack functionality- Anchored Youtube videos autoplay in iOs slider in assertive conditions- Improved accomplishments video fullscreen functionality- Improved theme reCaptcha cipher with Acquaintance anatomy 7 plugin

UPDATE 4.15.14 / 6 February 2018

- Improved WooCommerce 3.3.1 compatibility

UPDATE 4.15.13 / 5 February 2018

-Added: Adeptness to move the inline argument editor-Fixed: Amusing icons in individual blog page not assuming in assertive conditions-Improved: Figure box affinity with acute slider-Improved: Affinity with WordPress Real Media Library plugin-Improved: WooCommerce 3.3 compatibility-Fixed: Custom card aspect not alive appropriately if 2 elements are acclimated on aforementioned page-Fixed: Testimonial box aspect not assuming appropriately on responsive-Fixed: Out of banal brand not assuming in assertive conditions-Fixed: Mailchimp shows alone 10 lists instead of all-Fixed: Abnormal appellation apparent on WooCommerce annal page if custom sub-header was used

UPDATE 4.15.12 / 5 January 2018

- Added: Added Mailchimp bifold opt-in- Added: 1 and 2 columns for WooCommerce archive- Added: Adeptness to use shortlinks for Youtube modals- Added: Options to set custom sizes for latest posts 4 element- Tweaked: Amount added button for portfolio annal disable- Fixed: Css3 panels doesn\'t appearance agreeable on mobile- Fixed: Argument accoutrement not working- Fixed: Artefact carousel not assuming appropriately on adaptable devices- Fixed: Theme options doesn\'t acceptation in assertive conditions

UPDATE 4.15.10 / 5 December 2017

Added options to appearance latest posts by tagsFixed Skills bar activity awe-inspiring in Internet ExplorerFixed Account box hover on iOS not alive properlyFixed Acute carousel not assuming appropriately afterwards page refreshFixed Accoutrement options not assuming beneath assertive conditionsFixed Angel box aspect doesn\'t affectation images appropriately in assertive conditionsFixed Date box aspect not assuming credibility properlyFixed WooCommerce bifold loupe assuming on individual account pageFixed Sample argument actualization on Argument box aspect in assertive conditionsFixed Cavalcade not assuming in IE on assertive conditionsFixed Sub-header has abnormal acme in assertive conditionsFixed placeholder video angel not assuming on IpadTweak Hidden accounting placeholder on seek aspect if there is argument in itTweak Increased acute areas affinity with WPMLImproved pagebuilder affinity with some hosting companiesImproved Parallax aftereffect on Internet ExplorerImproved affectation of adored elements tab in Zion builderImproved Elements seek in Zion builder

UPDATE 4.15.9 / 16 November 2017

Fixed: Video accomplishments not working

UPDATE 4.15.8 / 16 November 2017

Added: Added blush picker to inline editorAdded: Uppercase button for inline editorAdded: Chantry weight options for inline editorAdded: Absence argument for argument boxAdded: Chantry options can now be translated with WPMLImproved: Inline editorTweak: WooCommerce improvementsFixed: WordPress 4.9 compatibilityFixed: Aspect options not aperture in assertive conditionsFixed: Acknowledging card in attack doesn\'t appearance in assertive conditionsFixed: Some elements cannot be abject in page in assertive conditionsFixed: Angel box not assuming appropriately in internet charlatan and edgeFixed: Hover box application capital blush instead of the one set in optionsUpdated: Slick slider script

UPDATE 4.15.7 / 03 November 2017

Tweak: Removed some log entriesTweak: Cipher cleanup

UPDATE 4.15.6 / 02 November 2017

Added: Advantage to appearance the attack aloft agreeable on adaptable deviceAdded: Advantage to accept activating email accountable in acquaintance anatomy elementAdded: Typekit fonts integrationAdded: Advantage to add an angel as accomplishments in mega menuTweak: Added new options t acute slider elementTweak: You can now see and install the chargeless plugins afterwards activating the themeTweak: Set annal approach advantage as off by defaultTweak: Automatically amend assets links if breadth changedTweak: Zion architect editor console achievement improvementsFixed: Top bar card doesn\'t appearance appropriately on acknowledging deviceFixed: Artefact loupe aspect has the angel blurryFixed: Aftereffect position doesn\'t plan in assertive conditions

UPDATE 4.15.5 / 29 September 2017

Added: Affinity with paid associates proFixed: Scripts and styles loading ( bound abnormal appearance for button aspect )Fixed: Beheld editor cannot be changed

UPDATE 4.15.4 / 28 September 2017

Added: Modal inline activating advantage for linksAdded: Added altitude assemblage for figure box and date box elementsAdded: Custom accomplishments blush advantage for acquaintance anatomy buttonTweak: You can now bang on links central carouselsTweak: Improved absurdity affectation for tweeter elementsTweak: You can now abode css3 panels central columnsImproved: Shortcodes systemFixed: Affinity with PHP 5.2.4Fixed: Twitter affectation on RTLFixed: WooCommerce arcade affectation if images are smallerFixed: Alarm to activity blush on ablaze header

UPDATE 4.15.3 / 14 September 2017

Added: Advantage to appearance tags in portfolio itemsAdded: WordPress filters to adumbrate footer acute areas (<a href=\"https://my.hogash.com/documentation/hide-smart-area-beforeafter-footer/\">https://my.hogash.com/documentation/hide-smart-area-beforeafter-footer/</a>)Added: Argument adornment to all chantry blazon optionsAdded: Options for sub-header to set the added and margins on altered breakpointsAdded: Advantage to use a acute breadth as WooCommerce individual artefact templateAdded: Acknowledging options for advancing anon aspect textsTweak: You can now adumbrate all sub-headers, with the barring of pagebuilder onesTweak: Upgraded mailchimp API to latest versionTweak: Beneath the awning optimisationsTweak: Removed sourcemaps links from css filesTweak: Updated language files to avoid javascript files during buildFixed: Attack barrow looks altered on altered pagesFixed: Newsletter aspect button appearance not workingFixed: Tabs in mega card not alive afterwards browser resizeFixed: Google map pin not actualization if acclimated in assorted tabsFixed: Advancing anon admirers not assuming adverse on Carnival browser

UPDATE 4.15.2 / 07 August 2017

Added: reside advantage for buttons accumulation textsFixed: Local video not arena on IOS slider v1Tweak: artefact capital angel basal marginTweak: confused Google analitycs cipher to headTweak: pagebuilder advantage bar will now adumbrate on abrasion overFixed: Inline argument editor not alive in acute carouselFixed: datepicker not alive appropriately on mobileFixed: Barrow not advice properlyFixed: media alembic bury animationFixed: button aspect bg blush not workingFixed: Go to top button not affective parallax images

UPDATE 4.15.1 / 25 July 2017

Fixed: Annular annal cannot be closedFixed: Boutique buy button not arresting in assertive conditionsFixed: Boutique thumbnails cannot be opened in assertive conditionsFixed: Vector affectation doesn\'t plan for the custom sub-header aspect in assertive conditionsFixed: API key cannot be saved

UPDATE 4.15.0 / 19 July 2017

Added: Gradient blush for buttonAdded: Custom affectation advantage for sectionsAdded: Attack accomplishments blush into page layoutsAdded: Logo advantage to WPML cord translationAdded: Ajax amount added button for blog posts archiveImproved: Affinity amid parallax and bland scrollImproved: WooCommerce individual account galleryImproved: Yoast SEO compatibilityImproved: Affinity with caching pluginsImproved: Affinity with WordPress page revisionsImproved: Page accumulation cleaningImproved: Framework cipher optimizationsFixed: Footfall box accomplishments & appellation colorFixed: Laptop slider accelerate description not arresting in assertive conditionsFixed: Gif images not alive properlyFixed: Adhesive attack chantry blush not alive properlyFixed: Boutique appearance 3 affectation in boxed layoutFixed: Breadth amplitude not alive in assertive conditionsFixed: Button accumulation colors not alive in assertive conditions

UPDATE 4.14.1 / 26 June 2017

Added: Advantage to baddest the angel amplitude for Recent Plan ElementTweak: Lowered minimum acme for subheader elementTweak: Theme analysis improvementsFixed: Filigree figure boxes appellation has abnormal colorFixed: Adverse aspect plugin cannot be activatedFixed: Zion architect cannot be deactivatedFixed: Figure box argument blush doesn\'t workFixed: Assorted RTL issuesFixed: Abnormal affectation of Ios Slider videoFixed: Circle appellation argument blush not working

UPDATE 4.14.0 / 20 June 2017

Added: Global advantage to set the Google Map API keyAdded: Italian translationAdded: Advantage to bang on the absolute annular agreeable account in adjustment to accessible its detailsAdded: Advantage to validate by alphanumeric amount in acquaintance formImprovements: Tweaked chantry figure affectation afterwards alteration domainsImprovements: Google fonts will be automatically fetchedImprovements: Added comments \"to\" word to adaptation fileImprovements: Added apprehension for admins if advancing anon page is activeImprovement: Assorted CSS improvementsImprovement: Tweaked angel resizing functionImprovement: Media alembic adaptable improvementsImprovement: Big amusing items aspect affectation on mobileImprovement: API allotment on multi-sitesFIXED: Parallax approach in boxed modeFixed: IOS slider button displayFixed: IOS slider idsFixed: Bland annal not alive on mobileFixed: Custom card aspect affectation on acute areaFixed: Internet Charlatan problems for WooCommerce galleryFixed: Twitter accoutrement displays old tweetsFramework improvements

UPDATE 4.13.0 / 15 May 2017

Added: New demo: Veterinary Clinic Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/veterinaryclinic/ )Added: New demo: Makeup Artist Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/makeupartist/ )Added: New demo: Golf Club Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/golf-wordpress-theme/ )Added: New demo: Metal Works Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/metalworks/ )Added: New demo: Bistro / Restaurant Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/bistro/ )Added: New demo: Architectonics No.2 Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/construction2/ )Added: New demo: Wedding No.2 Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/wedding2/ )Added: New demo: Cosmetics Boutique Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/cosmetics/ )Added: New demo: Luxury Driver Admirers ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/luxury-driver/ )Added: New demo: Yoga Admirers Audience ( examination at http://demo.kallyas.net/yoga/ )Added: Parallax Layers into Breadth element;Added: Attack appearance 16;Added: Individual button page architect element;Added: Affinity with WP Auberge Booking plugin;Added: Advantage for aftereffect size;Improvement: Assorted improvements for WooCommerce 3.x compatibility;Improvement: Automatically bright WP Cool Accumulation and added plugins cache;Improvement: Accomplishments & Object parallax improvements;Improvement: Aspect actualization effects;Improvement: Account arrows advantage in acute carousel element;Improvement: Acquaintance form\'s radio ascribe validation;Fixed: Annal to top button not getting shown;Fixed: PHP Warning in Boutique artefact presentation element;Fixed: Accessory fix for one page card item\'s activation;Fixed: Fixes boutique aftereffect not displaying;Fixed: Portfolio items list, items per page;Fixed: Adhesive attack argument blush font;Fixed: Acute Slider on mobile;Fixed: Artefact presentation aspect affinity with apathetic amount images;Fixed: Acknowledging card activate allegory operator;Fixed: Anchored affectation of languages cipher names;

UPDATE 4.12.1 / 12 April 2017

- Anchored Custom CSS extenuative issue- Anchored RTL capital card alignment- Anchored WooCommerce class appellation css- Anchored portfolio arcade bury videos battle with FitVids;

UPDATE 4.12.0 / 10 April 2017

New demo: SaaS Associates (preview at http://demo.kallyas.net/membership/ )New demo: Conference Accident Admirers (preview at http://demo.kallyas.net/conference/ )New demo: Wineries and Vineyards (preview at http://demo.kallyas.net/wine/ )General improvements for stability;Added: Zoom angel in WooCommerce artefact page\'s gallery;Added: Angel slider arcade in WooCommerce artefact page;Added: Added anchored footer mode;Added: Added basal affinity for Simple Job Board;Added: Acute Areas before, afterwards or alter the Website Header;Improved: Sample abstracts accession activity accessory improvements;Improved: Added rgba for colorpickers in Filigree Figure Boxes element;Improved: Improvements for IconBox Aspect - Circle background;Improved: RTL layout, Iosslider and Boutique page;Improved: Improvement IconBox aspect floated icons added spacing;Improved: Extended bg options for absence subheader options;Improved: Tabs in mega card and Improvements for capital card ;Improved: Login Redirect based on user type/user_id;Improved: Breadcrumb improvements;Improved: Improvements to blog\'s masonry layout;Improved: Improvements for column\'s height;Improved: Added abutment for acute areas in polylang plugin;Improved: login modal brace fields and absurdity on abutting modal;Improved: Improved plugin & plugin options installation;Improved: added clarify on boutique artefact aspect concern arguments;Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 affinity fixes;Fixed: Fixes acute breadth in mega menu;Fixed: 404 page not getting translatable in WPML;Fixed: Accessory fix for ratings in articles appearance 2;Fixed: Abstracts advocate for updates from v3 to v4;Fixed: Adhesive Cavalcade allowance and added fixes;Fixed: One-page capital card scrolling fixes;Fixed: Anchored attack 11 & 13 ancillary columns affectation on mobile;Fixed: Tweaks for CSS3 Panels;Fixed: Fix for adhesive admeasurement logo;Fixed: Tweak for dabbling preloader;Fixed: Angel Apathetic Amount fixes in WooCommerce listings;Fixed: Fixes for centered logo;Fixed: Acquaintance form\'s captcha;Fixed: Fix for Artefact presentation elm. on allowance columns;Fixed: Tooltip Figure Box;Fixed: anchored carnival bug with angle preloader;Fixed: Revolution slider images max-width fix issue;

UPDATE 4.11.1 / 13 March 2017 (patch release)

Improvements for the theme updates arrangement to anticipate Envato API calls limit;Improved Kallyas card affectation in backend;Fixed bug with acquaintance anatomy not sending emails on some hosting environments;Fixed Photo Arcade element\'s slideshow height;Fixed Google Maps administration box with centermost coordinates;Fixed arrows attenuate advantage in Acute slider element;Fixed attack 12 on mobiles;Fixed missing styles in multisite allotment page;

UPDATE 4.11.0 / 7 March 2017

Added: New Demo: Music Accident ( http://kallyas.net/demo.php?d=musicfestival )Added: New Demo: Advancing Anon #2 ( http://kallyas.net/demo.php?d=comingsoon2  )Added: Attack Appearance 15Added: ReCaptcha into Allotment anatomy (must be enabled first);Improved: PhotoGallery aspect added LazyLoad advantage for Slideshow and Normal Gallery;Improved: Improvements to API Connection system;Improved: Added affectation permissions advantage for Alarm to activity button in header;Improved: Updated Google Fonts list;Improved: Admirers acceptation improvements;Improved: Reset fields afterwards acknowledged registration;Fixed: Slick slider RTL fixes;Fixed: Battle amid Ajax Add to barrow with WooCommerce artefact table plugin;Fixed: Duplicated appellation if there isn’t a Blog page assigned;Fixed: Circle Appellation TextBox text-color bug;Fixed: Animated argument aspect not actualization in page builder;Fixed: Boutique page absolute loop;Fixed: Anchored topbar options dependencies;

UPDATE 4.10.5 / 23 Feb. 2017 (Stability patch)

Improved API defended SSL connections;Fixed bug with Chaser card and Page builder;

UPDATE 4.10.3 / 21 Feb. 2017

Improved: Improvements to sample abstracts import;Improved: PHP 5.2.4 compatibilityImproved: Portfolio media in portfolio carousels filtrable;Improved: Accepted Improvements and cipher tweaks;Improved: Adhesive attack improvements;Improved: videos in iosslider improvements;Improved: Added margins paddings to amusing icons element;Improved: Acquiesce users to actualize acquaintance anatomy email templates;Improved: Applied clarify on portfolio sortable excerpt;Fixed: Issues with Blog/Portfolio archive;Fixed: baby framework issues;Fixed: WooCommerce Archetypal artefact appearance accessory fixes;Fixed: IE11 improvements for angel box;Fixed: Partners/Testimonials aspect carousel;Fixed: Acute Carousel fixes;Fixed: IE11 coverfit fallback;Fixed: Sliders/Google maps in accordions;Fixed: Absence Subheader blush picker bg color;Fixed: Google maps console fixes;

UPDATE 4.10.2 / 8 Feb. 2017

Fixed: Photo Arcade aspect (Slideshow) slider issues;Fixed: Dropdown baddest lists in Argument Element;Fixed: Subheader aspect acme issues;Fixed: RTL appropriate argument align;Fixed: Calendar plugin styles were not applied;

UPDATE 4.10.1 / 7 Feb. 2017

Fixed: PHP Baleful ErrorFixed: Tabs css tweaks causing abnormal alignment

UPDATE 4.10.0 / 6 Feb. 2017

Added: New Demo! Kids Abundance ( http://demo.kallyas.net/kids-store )Added: New Demo! Apostle ( http://demo.kallyas.net/speaker/ )Added: Added adhesive cavalcade feature;Improved: Switched from CarouFredSel plugin to Slick Slider for all elements application it;Improved: added id aspect to acquaintance form;Improved: Boutique Articles presentation aspect accepted improvements;Improved: WooCommerce artefact styles improvements;Improved: Added adeptness to Ctrl + S (Cmd + S) theme options;Improved: Added margins custom subheader element; Improved: Switched Page architect chantry to arrangement font;Improved: Affinity with GoDaddy hosting;Improved: Alter get website brief with get website optionImproved: SSL compatibility;Improved: Added ImageBox aspect alignment for simple image;Improved: Added autoplay advantage for Portfolio Slider;Improved: Accumbent & Vertical Tabs elements on adaptable display;Improved: Filigree Figure Box elements, added custom blush options;Improved: Cross Origin Notices for brief websites;Fixed: Sortable Portfolio fix for cyrillicFixed: Animations in Steps Box elementFixed: CSS3 panels filters fix for EdgeFixed: PHP Baleful absurdity in Acquaintance Anatomy aspect Fixed: Adding Sections into Sections element;

UPDATE 4.9 / 16 Jan. 2017

Added: New demo! Sports (visit kallyas.net to admission it)Added: New demo! Alms (visit kallyas.net to admission it)Added: New demo! SideFolio (visit kallyas.net to admission it)Added: FlipBox Aspect for Page builderAdded: Ancillary Attack - Kallyas AddonAdded: Aeronautics Bury - Kallyas AddonImproved: Accepted ImprovementsImproved: Dashboard Connection UI and cipher improvementsImproved: Tooltips for Page architect elements toolbar iconsImproved: New Metabox frameworkImproved: Server analysis buttonImproved: Advantage to accept figure for Historic elementImproved: RTL ImprovementsImproved: Pricelist element, advantage to affectation tooltipImproved: Deprecated \"Skewed background\" advantage in Breadth element. Use Top/Bottom masks instead.Improved: Ace editor improvements in Custom CSS theme optionsImproved: Iosslider aspect - added advantage to attenuate bulletsImproved: Custom hotlink advantage for Filigree photo arcade elementImproved: ImageBox element, added Angel Sizes advantage in Advanced tabImproved: Added Logo accomplishments advantage in page blueprint optionsImproved: Custom Card element, added advantage to toggle open/close submenusImproved: Removed affected cavalcade in sectionImproved: Sale & New tag beheld improvementsImproved: Added filters for aftereffect widgets branch tagsImproved: Advantage to change date architecture for Cotnact form\'s datepickerImproved: Added advantage to adumbrate amusing icons in Logo InfocardImproved: Added clarify \"zn_top_offset_tolerance\" to override the top account toleranceImproved: Pricing Tables improvementsImproved: Recent plan elements, added reside hotlink as account linkImproved: Mega Card improvementsFixed: Boutique Subheader, not application options set in absolute optionsFixed: Subheader not apprehension for boutique articles / archivesFixed: Photo Arcade sliderFixed: MailChimp anatomy improvements, validation and visualsFixed: Adaptable card aback button causing annal lockFixed: Aspect options annal behaviorFixed: jQuery Migrate warnings and added baby tweaksFixed: Acquaintance Anatomy Datepicker assorted use in pageFixed: Latest 2 glyphicons affectation issueFixed: ALT + S keys adverse with page architect extenuative pageFixed: WooCommerce artefact page architect def. agreeable elementFixed: Portfolio account countersign adequate optionFixed: Portfolio \"load more\" button issues

UPDATE 4.8 / 12 Dec. 2016

New! Added Cargo Admirers ( http://www.kallyas.net/demo.php?d=cargo );New! Added Advocate Admirers ( http://www.kallyas.net/demo.php?d=lawyer );Added: Artefact Allotment with API KEY;Added: Hogash Studio Chump Dashboard.Added: Show/Hide (publish/unpublish) elements in Page builder;Added: New element! FlipBox aspect as page architect plugin;Added: New styles for “burger” card Attack aeronautics options;Improved: Updated Revolution Slider to 5.3.1;Improved: Added `znklfw_enable_image_data_from_url` clarify to attenuate angel abstracts queries;Improved: Added accepted Kallyas Accumulation Cleanup button (clears PB abstracts and activating CSS);Improved: Increased “mobile” card absolute to 1920px;Improved: Automodal cookie, added accomplishment advantage for 2 weeks or 1 month;Improved: Acquaintance form, added assorted baddest field;Improved: Added `zn_schema_markup_attributes` clarify for schema.org, to acquiesce cardinal them;Improved: Reverted aback to antecedent Bland Annal script;Improved: Added new options for Acute Carousel;Improved: Added hotlink over the Media alembic element;Improved: Added text-case for Capital card navigation;Fixed: Removed Acute breadth Mega card in Chaser menu;Fixed: Admission aspect for RTL;Fixed: Footer Acute Breadth and multilanguage;Fixed: Abounding amplitude angel affectation in Blog avant-garde appearance ;Fixed: Parallax for Firefox fallback;Fixed: Mega card php notice;Fixed: Portfolio page php notice;Fixed: Bug not extenuative theme options;Fixed: Header-fixed + About header;Fixed: RTL fixes for attack appearance 14;Fixed: Parallax’s fallback accomplishments on blow devices;Fixed: Anchored date box aspect with custom authentic points;Fixed: Fixes Mega card not alive on WP 4.7;

UPDATE 4.7 / 21 Nov. 2016

NEW! Added Artist Admirers ( http://www.kallyas.net/demo.php?d=architect )NEW! Added Medical Admirers ( http://www.kallyas.net/demo.php?d=medical )Added: Acute Areas as Mega Menu. Add page architect elements into Capital menu\'s dropdowns;Improved: Page architect columns placeholder;Improved: Amusing Buttons Widget;Improved: Added bare accompaniment for account in Filigree photo gallery;Improved: Accomplishments position for breadth parallax;Improved: RTL Tweaks;Improved: Figure Options with bigger preview;Improved: Implemented srcset for portfolio annal sortable;Fixed: Acute Carousel aspect autoplay bug;Fixed: Page architect max_input_vars absurdity in elements options;Fixed: Latest posts #2 styles;Fixed: assorted sortable portfolios on aforementioned page;Fixed: Cavalcade z-index on PB mode;Fixed: abolish hardcoded adaptation from biking admirers home page;Fixed: Amusing Icons\' Accomplishments Hover not getting the Capital theme color;Fixed: capital blush in custom card element;Fixed: thumbs position from photogallery slideshow central accumbent tabs;

UPDATE 4.6 / 3 Nov. 2016

Added: New, bigger Sample-Data Acceptation system;Added: Agency Admirers ( <a href=\"http://kallyas.net/demo.php?d=agency\">preview</a> )Added: Photographer Admirers ( <a href=\"http://kallyas.net/demo.php?d=photographer\">preview</a> )Added: New header, appearance 14;Added: New affectation for Top/Bottom sections edges;Added: New acquaintance anatomy appearance - Material;General fixes and improvements;Improved: Updated Revolution Slider to latest version;Improved: Added custom ID advantage for all Changeless agreeable elements;Improved: Added numeric validation for acquaintance anatomy fields;Improved: Extended Admission elements options and styling;Improved: Added breakpoint options for Filigree IconBoxes;Improved: Date ImgBox with custom points;Fixed: Topmask affair in sections;Fixed: OSX Bland Scroll;Fixed: Vimeo accomplishments issues;Fixed: Sortable Portfolio \"load more\" links issues;Fixed: Issues with Appellation element\'s absence chantry family;Fixed: Figure filigree boxes appellation order;

UPDATE 4.5.1 / 12 Oct. 2016

Fixed: PHP baleful absurdity on some WordPress instances.

UPDATE 4.5 / 11 Oct. 2016

Added: New demo! Artefact Landing http://demo.kallyas.net/product-landing/Added: New demo! Wedding http://demo.kallyas.net/wedding/Added: New demo! Freelancer http://demo.kallyas.net/freelancer/Added: New demo! Watch Boutique http://demo.kallyas.net/watchshop/Added: New demo! Adornment #2 http://demo.kallyas.net/jewelry2/Added: New demo! Beautician Boutique http://demo.kallyas.net/barbershop/Added: New demo! Dash http://demo.kallyas.net/dash/Added: New demo! Apprenticeship http://demo.kallyas.net/education/Added: New demo! Parallax http://demo.kallyas.net/parallax/Added: New demo! Portfolio Minimal http://demo.kallyas.net/portfolio-minimal/Added: \"Animated Adverse for number\" element, as plugin arranged with Kallyas.Improvement: iOS Slider on FirefoxImprovement: RTL LayoutImprovement: Added simple anchored attack option. Unlike Adhesive header, the attack will just break fixed.Improvement: Video Accomplishments improvements. Dropped old browser polyfills.Improvement: Extended Theme Options Card from WP Admin Bar to cover subpagesImprovement: 404 page can be fabricated with the page builderImprovement: Added clarify to angle on Aftereffect class; Improvement: Added clarify to angle on site-header\'s class;Improvement: Added clarify to angle on Blog-columns layout, amount of columns;Improvement: Button aspect new accentuate style, hover blush and agreement options;Improvement: Added added Schema.org affluent snippets throughout the theme;Improvement: added advantage to attenuate bland annal on OSX;Improvement: Parallax accomplishments assorted tweaks;Improvement: Added portfolio angel admeasurement option;Improvement: Added adjustment advantage for all portfolio types;Improvement: Added \"show appellation or description\" in all portfolio types;Improvement: Added assortment hotlink for portfolio items in sortable portfolio;Improvement: Mega card titles about to custom fontsize;Improvement: ScreenshotBox aspect tweaks;Improvement: Custom card element, added abyss abutment for accumbent menu;Improvement: Latest posts #2 element, added added customisation options;Improvement: Tweaked changeless agreeable artefact presentation element\'s js;Improvement: Simple slider element, added acknowledging acme options;Improvement: Portfolio account page\'s allotment links popup window;Improvement: Filigree angel boxes element, added new administration options;Improvement: Acquaintance anatomy button, added admeasurement option;Fix: Acquaintance anatomy on IE11Fix: IOS issues with annal to top button.Fix: Google Maps in tabsFix: Ancillary by ancillary card widgetFix: Slideshows fix for IE11;Fix: Attachments alt/title + WPML problem;Fix: Bestselling articles concern in Boutique artefact presentation;Fix: Admission aspect alignment;Fix: Inline Reside editor assorted fixes;Fix: Changeless agreeable accident admission assorted on a individual page;Fix: CSS3 panels filters;Fix: Adumbrate Acute breadth Footer from PB not working;Other accepted baby fixes and improvements.

UPDATE 4.4 / 13 Sept 2016

Added Reside argument affluent editor!! You can now adapt argument on the fly afterwards aperture the options. Screencast: http://hogash.d.pr/UJZs .Added Page Architect Acute Areas for Artefact Annal pages ( eg: http://hogash.d.pr/1crib ).Added new element: Adhesive Breadth (lite). It will attach to the basal of the page and abide fixed.General baby fixes and improvementsImproved aftereffect cavalcade admeasurement on baby viewportsImprovements for Skills bar elementImprovement: Added new administration options for Acquaintance anatomy elementImprovement: IosSlider videos tweaksImprovement: Added alignment for portfolio sortable menuImprovements for RTL stylesFixed slider resize with accordionFixed Vertical Tabs error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum alarm assemblage admeasurement exceededFixed parallax angel zoom and added several tweaksFixed permalinks botheration for portfolio itemsFixed Button element\'s margins and paddingsFixed portfolio account adhesive contentFixed Calendar CSS plugin

UPDATE 4.3 / 30 Aug 2016

General fixes, cipher and achievement improvementsAdded: Page CSS caching, now page architect CSS assets are loaded alone if used;Added: Lots of improvements for Cavalcade aspect - Breakpoint for offsets, Width/Height/Background Color, margins and paddings ( http://hogash.d.pr/1aprq )Added: Object parallax furnishings for Cavalcade element, Acute Container, ImageBox, Appellation Aspect and Media alembic ( http://take.ms/GN3YI )Added: parallax aftereffect to Media Alembic aspect Added: TweetBox ElementAdded: CSS3 Panels aspect new options, improvements and fixesImprovement: Added achievability to add centralized links to page architect hotlink advantage fields ( http://hogash.d.pr/1fjxw )Improvement: Bland scrolling now has acceleration presets ( http://hogash.d.pr/NTSc )Improvement: Added altered id for buttonsImprovement: RTL Filigree StylesImprovement: Hotlink toolbar for acute areas to hotlink beeline to their adapt approach ( http://hogash.d.pr/137Mn )Improvement: Added website & breadth amplitude options in percent %Fixed: WooCommerce artefact options lists to be displayed on abstracted rows

UPDATE 4.2 / 08 Aug 2016

New! Added Import/Export arrangement for elementsNew! Added New Shortcode arrangement with bigger preview!Added: Arcade cavalcade architecture (styled as a slideshow)Added: Accompanying portfolio items to portfolio pagesAdded: Margin/Padding fields in assorted amount elementsAdded: Account with icons elementGeneral fixes and improvementsImproved: breakpoint ascendancy for Cavalcade offsets in Columns elementImproved affinity with added pluginsImproved: CSS & JS now loading minified versionsImproved: Added missing classes for absence WP entries in postImproved: Price Account element, added angel thumbnail and tooltipFixed: Iconbox\'s reside blush on iconFixed capital aeronautics activating cssFixed: Portfolio angel appears aloft the account contentFixed: Importing slider for Ares Architectonics demoFixed: IosSlider annal botheration on mobiles

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