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JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals

JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals

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Course Description

JavaScript ES6 (more appropriately accepted as ECMAScript 2015 or ES2015) represents the better change to JavaScript in the endure 20 years. JavaScript is the accent of the web, and ES6 is a above advance for web developers, abacus much-needed appearance such as classes, promises, arrow functions, generators, cord templates and abounding others. Browser abutment is growing, and transpilation accoutrement such as Babel acquiesce you to get started coding in ES6 today.

In this course, Envato Tuts+ adviser Dan Wellman will advice you acuminate and amend your JavaScript abilities by acquirements some of the a lot of important additions that ES6 brings to the language. Cutting-edge web development practices are added relying on ES6, so ability of the new syntax is acceptable added and added necessary. Not alone that, but programming in ES6 is just added fun. So let’s get started!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use new action types such as arrow functions and generators.
  • What’s new in ES6.
  • Changes to congenital altar like strings, numbers, and arrays.
  • A adviser to new syntax in ES6, including a attending at destructuring.
  • Changes to abstracts structures like sets, maps, and iterators.

About the Instructor

Dan Wellman is an columnist and front-end developer based in the south of England. By day he builds web sites and applications and brand to focus on JavaScript, testing and workflow tools. By night he produces video courses for Envato Tuts+ on a ambit of mostly front-end focused topics, usually centered about JavaScript. You can analysis out his website, chase him on Twitter, and see his contour on GitHub.

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