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Eazy Mobile | Mobile Template

EazyMobile – Our newest framework, fabricated Eazy!

EazyMobile is the acme of apple-pie and simple to use cipher with powerful, adjustable and abundantly fast loading code. Now you can calmly adapt and accomplished tune every affection of our artefact with the greatest of ease.

  • Blog Homepage (template, no CMS attached)
  • Walkthrough Homepage (6 Styles
  • News Homepage (template, no CMS attached)
  • Coverpage Slider Homepage
  • Store Homepage (template, no CMS attached)
  • Splash Awning HomePage (3 Styles)
  • Timeline Homepage
  • Login Homepage
  • Rounded Homepage
  • Profile Homepage
  • Cards / iOS Homepage
  • Classic Homepage

The Best Navigation System

EazyMobile uses an crazily able and simple to use card and offers you ALL Mobile card pages, in one individual layout. Yes! It’s simple, archetype adhesive proof, and will actualize a seamless and beautifuly activated acquaintance for your users.All airheaded are accessible in Light & Dark Options!

  • Modal Opaque Text
  • Sidebars Large (Left & Right)
  • Header Dropdown
  • Action Sheet Card (Top or Bottom)
  • Modal Icons
  • Footer Fly-Up
  • Modal Card (Center or Abounding Screen)
  • Contact Anatomy Card (Top or Bottom)
  • Sidebars Small (Left & Right)

EazyMobile’s card arrangement is additional to none, it can actualize any aspect off canvas, meaning, even the snackbars, activity sheets, acquaintance forms, notifications that you see are fabricated appliance the amazing card system, acceptance a authentic cipher enhancement that reduces page amount and increases achievement drastically

Reusable Components

You can just archetype and adhesive these apparatus wherever you charge them.

  • Range Sliders (3 Styles)
  • 3 Columns, 2 Columns, Abounding Screen
  • Highlights (1 Styles, 25 Colors)
  • DropCaps (3 Styles)
  • Dropdowns
  • Content Boxes (6 Styles)
  • Button (Hundreds of Styles)
  • Typography Elements Styled and Organized
  • Cookie Consent Box(2 Colors)
  • OS Detection (Android, iOS)
  • Sortable Lists (Drag & Drop)
  • Notification Boxes (3 styles + Fixed Top & Bottom Styles + 25 Colors)
  • Accordions
  • 10+ Page Divider Styles & 25 Colors
  • Toasts (2 Styles, 25 Colors)
  • Quotes (5 Styles
  • Toggles (3 Archetypal + 5 Mobile Styled)
  • Icons (Hundreds of Styles)
  • 25 Reusable Color Classes
  • Pagination Styles (25 Colors)
  • Animted Back to Top with Facebook / Twitter Aftereffect or Classic
  • Radio Boxes ( Font Alarming )
  • Reading Word Count
  • Task Progression (Infinite Styles)
  • Classic Tables (25 Colors + Icons)
  • Preloader Color Styles Included
  • Input Fields (3 Styles)
  • Chips (2 Styles, 2 Colors)
  • Charts (Powered by Charts.JS. A accent of styles)
  • SnackBars (25 Colors)
  • OWLCarousel – Fully Optimized
  • Dividers
  • Reviews (6 Styles)
  • Check Boxes ( Font Alarming )
  • Image Effects on Tap (3 Effects)
  • Graphs (Powered by Charts.JS. A accent of styles)
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • 650+ Font Alarming Pixel Perfect Icons
  • Tabs (2 Styles, 25 Colors)
  • Search (Functional Search in Class)
  • Ad Boxes
  • Action Bedding (Infinite Options)
  • Pricing Tables (4 Styles + 25 Colors
  • Reading Estimated Time
  • Instant Content (Simulates Facebook/Google AMP Effect)

Included Page Templates

Pages incldued to advice you alpha your project. Simple to archetype adhesive appearance amid them

  • Page Article List (Instant Article Effect)
  • Page Article Card (Instant Article Effect)
  • Team Page (Instant Article Effect)
  • Forgot Password Page
  • F.A.Q + Knowledge Base Page With Search
  • Register Page
  • Coming Soon Page With Countdown Timer
  • Profile (2 Pages)
  • Timeline (2 Pages)
  • Careers Page (Instant Article Effect
  • 404 Error Page
  • System Status Page
  • Login Page
  • Maintenance Page
  • About Us Page
  • Terms of Service Dummy Page
  • Contact Page (Fully Working + Acquaintance Sheet)
  • VCard with Working Download VCard to Mobile

Appstyled Pages

Appstyled Pages Simulate the aftereffect of an absolute application, but they are in fact basal HTML pages with alarming styles

  • Chat Bubbles
  • Splash Awning Starter
  • Login with Simple Background
  • Walkthrough Sliders (Like Native Applications on First Start)
  • Walkthrogh Box (Instructions & Tutorials on Page)
  • Login with Infinite Background
  • Coming Soon With Countdown
  • CoverPage Slider (Full Awning Image Slider With Captions)
  • Error
  • Calendar (3 Components)
  • Full Awning Google Maps

Media Pages

Vinga’s Media Pages are fabricated to agreement the best acknowledgment for your artefact and your showcases. Filter it, appearance it off, accomplish it abounding awning and adore the view

  • Filterable Gallery with Top Control
  • Collections Gallery
  • Filterable Gallery with Card Activity Sheet
  • 1 & 2 Column Portfolio with Assorted Styles
  • Portfolio Activity Page
  • Thumbnail Round, Square and Captioned Gallery
  • Instant Portfolio Aftereffect (Similar to Facebook Instant Articles)
  • Widescreen Gallery

30 Page Templates Developers

Apptastic is a Site Template. It is not a WordPress Theme and accordingly it is not affiliated to a CMS by default. But you can catechumen it yourself or appoint a contributor from Envato Studio. We able some alarming pages for those who are about to accomplish this template a Theme.

  • Store Cart (2 Styles / 2 Pages)
  • Store Archetypal List
  • Blog List
  • News Coverpage Slider
  • Blog Categories
  • Blog Home
  • Blog Post
  • News Bookmarks
  • News List (3 Styles / 3 Pages)
  • Store Coverpage Slider
  • Blog Archive
  • Store Invoice
  • News Home
  • Blog Columns
  • Store Artefact Description (2 Styles / 2 Pages
  • News Article
  • News Archive
  • Store List Columns
  • Store Checkout (2 Styles / 2 Pages)
  • Store Home (3 Styles / 3 Pages)

Want added affidavit to purchase

We’re the arch Mobile Author on the marektplaces, with over 25.000 blessed barter and 10 years of experience. We adulation you, and acerb believethat we got to this point because of the alarming barter we’ve had! We’ll consistently acknowledgment to your abutment questions in beneath than 12 hours, we’ll alwaysfix any bug that may appear, and we’ll consistently accumulate our items adapted to be abiding they plan flawlessly after anytime deleting them!

    Updated:    1.0 - 2 December : Initial Release

OS Requirements

iOS 10+
Android 5.3.7+
Windows Mobile 8+
RIM 7.1+
PSD Files Included for Logo and Infinite Background Page. All added elements can be archetype pasted appliance the affidavit provided and do not crave a PSD file.
Do you accommodate support? Real support?
Yes. Send us a bulletin through our abutment anatomy and we’ll accommodate easily on abutment for all the appearance included in the item. We’ll even acknowledgment your questions during weekends or holidays. So you’re covered. Always. Customization casework will be answerable at freelance fees and are not included in the abutment backpack as per Envato Terms of Service.
What does the affidavit cover? If I get lost? What then?
It covers how to abide the template and use the accommodate features. Step by step! In case you get absent forth the way, we will acquiescently aid you out and explain what needs to be done.
I’ve activated this on an emulator. It doesn’t plan as it should.
Emulators use your machines ability to simulate HTML, CSS and JS. Meaning, assertive elements may abort as compared to active the absolute device. When we say it works on a assertive operating arrangement it agency we activated it on assorted accessories ( concrete accessories ) not emulators. Emulators are accepted to fail.
Do I accept to apprentice new cipher beside the archetypal HTML, CSS and JS to use this?
Not at all. We use the simplest accessible cipher to the latest standards appliance the archetypal syntax’s you all apperceive how to use. You won’t see any complicated alarming chic names in our products.
Is this account a WordPress Theme?
No. This account as the appellation says is a Site Template. To use it in WordPress you have to catechumen it to a theme.
Is this account a PhoneGap / Cordova / Mobile accessible congenital app?
No. This account as the appellation says is a Site Template. You can acquirement the PhoneGap / Cordova Version from our CodeCanyon Portfolio by beat this link.
Do I charge an continued authorization to body an app?
If the appliance you will body will be uploaded to any appliance abundance as a paid appliance or an appliance that has in-app paid features, again yes, you have to acquirement an continued authorization as per Envato Terms of Service. Not accomplishing so will aftereffect in a DMCA to the appliance abundance area your app is located.
I accidentally purchased this cerebration it was already an App or a WordPress Theme. Can I get a refund?
We do not accommodate refunds for these sorts of mistaken purchases. This FAQ area was congenital accurately to acknowledgment those questions in adjustment to abstain mistaken purchases. We will adios refunds that are based on these reasons.

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