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Dox — Jekyll Theme for Project Documentation

What is Dox?

Dox is a Jekyll theme created for project documentations. You can use it with GitHub and GitLab Pages as able-bodied as a standalone project.


Detailed Documentation, Accessible Online
Dox is absolutely accurate and documentation is accessible online.

Fully Responsive
Designed to awning the advanced ambit of awning sizes accessible today.

Retina Ready
Looks appealing solid on every awning size, SVGs everywhere.

GitHub Pages Ready
Dox is GitHub Pages accordant and it’s accessible to arrange in a moment.

GitLab Pages Ready
Dox is GitLab Pages accordant and it’s accessible to arrange in a moment.

Theme Color
Dox supports any HEX blush you wish to use and it’s actual simple to change.

Built-in Figure Pack
Dox accept accepted calamus figure backpack built-in. You can use it site-wide.

Disqus Commenting System
Allow users to animadversion your pages and abstracts via Disqus.

Google Analytics Tracking
Simply add your GA Tracking ID and your website will be connected.

404 Error Page
Basic 404 page is included and you can adapt it.

Syntax Highlighting
Posts absolute cipher are styled and accent application Jekyll highlighter.

Easy to Update
Apply theme updates in a second, one simple copy/paste is enough.


List of bell-ringer assets we acclimated to actualize this theme:

  • jQuery (MIT License)
  • IBM Plex Mono (Open Font License)
  • Darkly Pygments
  • normalize.css (MIT License)
  • IBM Plex Sans (Open Font License)
  • Feather icons (MIT License)
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